Ubm Agri Trade – a new supplier for soybean meal in Romania

Ubm Agri Trade – a new supplier for soybean meal in Romania

Ubm Agri Trade was established in 2017 as a Romanian-Hungarian partnership with strong knowledge on the regional grain and cereal trading market.

Ubm Agri trade focuses on the growth of the local feed industry, compared to the already existing multinationals on the agricultural market, whose aim is to export.

Ubm Agri Trade offers high-protein soybean meal to be marketed as the essential ingredient of feed and poultry feed.

In addition to the soybean trade, Ubm Agri Trade also targets other cereal products such as corn, soybean, sunflower, buying and selling these products at the best prices.

The company's belief is that the adaptability to a dynamic market and the flexibility of the team are the premises for the consolidation of professional relationships for medium and long term.

The majority shareholder in Ubm Agri Trade, Ubm Agro, has been developing for over twenty years in Hungary activities that include the retail and wholesale of all products used in animal feed: grains, oilseeds and oilseeds, but also nutritional supplements: vitamins, amino acids.

Our values are: integrity, team spirit, punctuality and responsibility.

The vision is to become a constant supplier and a reliable partner for producers, farmers, meat processors in Romania and beyond.

The mission is to deliver high quality goods at competitive prices, so that relationships with our partners become our business card.

Source: Meat & Milk, Article JPG.