• European agricultural productions through America`s eyes
    The latest USDA report on May 12th did not bring significant surprises on expected production this year, but most likely raised some eyebrows among analysts when it comes to estimated consumption. Ignoring the potential effects of the economic crisis we have already entered, the US Department of Agriculture...
  • The impact of soybean production on the world market
    After a year, 2019 that prevented American farmers from sowing the desired areas of soybeans, this campaign offers optimal conditions for US production to return to the record of the 2018/2019 agricultural year.
  • Expectations vs. Reality – Soybean Meal
    March expectations - The volume of soybeans crushed. The optimistic figures displayed by the US National Association of Oil Processors (NOPA) on the volume of soybeans processed in the first quarter of 2020 will be difficult to maintain during the year.
  • Soybean meal – normality during emergency state?
    After a period of approximately two months, during which global flows of soybean meal were drastically shifted, producing a price increases of up to 70 usd / ton, the distribution of the product returned to its normal rhythm.
  • Grains external market
    A new postponement - President Trump announced that no agreement was signed at this week's summit but gave a vague estimate that there would be a chance that an agreement would be signed at the summit next month.
  • The evolution of last day's prices
    Prices of grain and soybeans have risen, especially against the backdrop of US floods and favorable prospects in the US-China trade relationship. The United States is experiencing heavy flooding in the West and the West, caused by heavy rain and snow caused by a cyclone that hit the areas. This puts pressure on agricultural commodity prices, especially due to planting delays.
  • Ubm Agri Trade – the reliable supplier of your business
    Ubm Agri Trade, the Romanian-Hungarian partnership with strong knowledge on the trading market, is expanding its product portfolio, offering its customers besides soybeans, other cereals such as: wheat, corn, corn, soybean and sunflower.
  • Ubm Agri Trade – a new supplier for soybean meal in Romania
    Ubm Agri Trade was established in 2017 as a Romanian-Hungarian partnership with strong knowledge on the regional grain and cereal trading market. Ubm Agri trade focuses on the growth of the local feed industry, compared to the already existing multinationals on the agricultural market, whose aim is to export.
  • „A Hungarian grain trader has entered the local market through an association with Leo Lambrea”
    Leo Lambrea, former head of BriseGroup's trading division, became associate of UBM Agri Trade, part of UBM Group, one of Hungary's largest grain and oil traders, with a stake of 10% which entered the Romanian market this summer.